At WelcomeClub, the key is trust.
That which is created between the Welcomers, the hosts and the Homecomers, the vacationers.
You are a Welcomer when you rent your home knowing that everything will go well.
You are a Homecomer when you rent a home and take care of it as if it were your own.



At the WelcomeClub, you can rest easy.
Rest assured that the whole community defines respect in the same way as you.
For our members, a vacation rental is much more than a monetary exchange.
It is a relationship of trust that is created between Welcomers and Homecomers.
Here, there is no risk of finding your home upside down or arriving in an empty and gloomy home.


It's in the little details...
Like when you discover a welcoming and tidy home upon arrival, something personal from the Welcomers, like the list of their favorite restaurants or the neighbor's contact if you need some sugar.
It's also a kind word, a small gift or a drawing made by the children left by the Homecomers who were staying in your home.
It's up to you, there are as many possibilities as there are personalities, so let the hospitality flow!


A sense of conviviality, friendliness and good humour is what brings people together.
Whether you're a Welcomer or a Homecomer, we want to provide you with the best experience so that you don't have to worry about anything, just that you have a successful rental.
That's what our Member Services are here for! We are available to answer all your questions to create a reassuring environment in all circumstances.


No unpleasant surprises, vacations with WelcomeClub always come with happiness!
All Welcomers and Homecomers have a verified profile and accommodation approved by our team.
You won't have to think twice about hosting people in your home.
Also, you will be in contact with real people who are willing to share a little bit of their life with you for an authentic experience, not an empty and soulless home.
Your only concern will be whether to take a nap or go for a swim!


Ah, it's finally time to go on vacation!
Whether you go to another country or simply to another region, or whether you host in your city, the spirit of sharing and discovery is ever present.
Where to find the best baguette in the area, which walk to do during the day, the must-see places to visit, all these tips are of interest to you.
You wish to experience things that are unlike any other. And it is this desire to share that brought you to the WelcomeClub!
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