Are you going on vacation soon? Yes, canโ€™t wait!
Have you found a vacation rental yet? That's another matter entirely.

WelcomeClub was created by the Tukazza Group, HomeExchange’s parent company. 

HomeExchange is the largest home exchange community in the world, bringing together thousands of members committed to the values of hospitality, kindness and authenticity

What if this was also possible in the rental world? This is the question we asked ourselves and that's how WelcomeClub was born in 2023.

We offer both hosts, and vacationers, a rental platform based on trust, with key values being goodwill, authenticity and respect.

The sense of conviviality that has made HomeExchange a success will be cultivated in the same way in order to offer an alternative to traditional vacation rentals.

At WelcomeClub, we place trust, human relations and serenity at the center of renting. 
We believe that the relationship between owners and renters should be at the core of every travel experience.

We have, therefore, created a community of respectful and reliable people which will enable you to rent your home with complete peace of mind, or to find a great home for your vacation. 

Joining WelcomeClub is by invitation only and each new member will be thoroughly vetted to ensure we keep our promise!

So pack your bags, get your home ready and come and join us, you'll feel right at home! 

Emmanuel Arnaud and Charles-Edouard Girard
Co-founders of the Tukazza group

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